Boost your company culture with a one-stop CSR platform

Manage your CSR programs, engage your employees, empower communities, and support campaigns around the world.

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Ignite Change with a CSR Platform

Corporate Social Responsibility empowers companies worldwide to create a positive impact in the community. Having a good CSR program helps you fulfill your ESG targets while also growing your company. Pass It Forward’s innovative CSR platform enables you and your employees to support campaigns and organizations together and change the world for the better.

Engage employees. Drive impact. Grow your business.

Strengthen Employee Engagement and Culture

Empower your employees to easily and instantly engage with causes that are close to their hearts.

Choose Nonprofits and Campaigns to Support

Our ecosystem connects you with verified nonprofit organizations to support their vetted campaigns.

Launch Giving and Volunteering Programs

Manage and monitor programs in real time and make an impact with a few clicks.

Track CSR Efforts and Share Your Impact

Align your KPIs to ESG standards, generate executive reports, and share your CSR performance.

CSR Made Easy

Volunteering and Giving Management

Provide employees with meaningful experiences through our skill-based volunteering tools. They can also donate to causes that matter to them through payroll giving.

Engagements Tools

Launch, implement, and evaluate programs through a flexible and innovative system with match giving, corporate gifts, and gamified experience.

Reports and Smart

Measure and analyze your impact, get real-time data, and view performance statistics with our reporting system and business intelligence (BI) dashboard.

ESG and
Sharing Features

Align your key performance indicators (KPIs) with ESG and industry standards and share your CSR performance and impact through our built-in tools.

Employee Empowerment

Empower your employees to select CSR activities for your programs and nominate campaigns that they want to support through employee surveys.

Trusted by Changemakers Around the World

Join our community of changemakers who want to make our world a better place. Together, we can do and achieve more!

“Pass it Forward have used technology to innovate, creating equal opportunities for large and small charities and have revolutionized giving…”

Adam Bryan

Director of Partnerships and Innovation,
Institute of Fundraising

“Truly international in scope, Pass It Forward helps charitable groups to easily tap support from many countries and for a variety of purposes.”

Birger Stamperdahl

President & CEO, Give2Asia

“Pass It Forward is amazing. It's an online marketing and fundraising platform that companies can use to manage their CSR work with nonprofit organization.

Megan Sumner

University College Isle of Man