Take CSR to the next level

Boost your company culture with a one-stop CSR platform

Manage your CSR programs, engage your employees, empower communities, and support campaigns around the world.

CSR made for you

Pass It Forward is designed to suit your CSR goals and needs. Our solutions help you spark change and reach ESG targets.
  • Giving and Volunteering Programs
    Manage and monitor programs in real time and make an impact with a few clicks.
  • Choose Nonprofits & Campaigns
    Our ecosystem connects you with verified nonprofit organizations to support their vetted campaigns.
  • Strong Employee Engagement
    Empower your employees to easily engage with causes that are close to their hearts.
  • Track and Share Your Impact
    Align your KPIs to ESG standards, generate executive reports, and share your CSR performance.

Making a Difference, Made Simple

Make an impact in different ways, all in one solution.
  • Set Your Goals

    Begin your CSR by setting goals and identifying your vision, target locations, and preferred causes.
  • Give and Match

    Maximize your impact by launching giving programs where employees can donate and have their gifts matched.
  • Build a Team

    Empower employees to donate and volunteer together by encouraging them to create and join teams.
  • Connect to Nonprofits

    Build partnerships with vetted nonprofit organizations and embark on high-impact projects together.
  • Manage and Track

    Monitor your impact with a Business Intelligence Dashboard that presents KPIs and other CSR metrics.

Connect your employees and their causes with a seamless engagement platform.

Trusted by Global Changemakers

“Truly international in scope, Pass It Forward helps charitable groups to easily tap support from many countries and for a variety of purposes.”


“Pass it Forward have used technology to innovate, creating equal opportunities for large and small charities and have revolutionized giving…”

Chartered Institute of Fundraising

“With Pass It Forward’s global audience, the PRC will be able to maximize the internet’s reach in promoting fundraising campaigns.”

Philippine Red Cross

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