• Website Revamp

    Pangarap Foundation need your help to upgrade our website to serve much better not only our beneficiaries (shelter and community based) but also our beloved donors. To give them more results and updates what happened to our services. -We will design a new, easy to interface for the front end of your website to help improve usability. -Resize and visited by the different types of devices, so that your site is equally impressive and usable on any devices. -We’ll redesign your entire website to incorporate ease of use with clean, functional design. We’ll modernize the look and feel of your business to help rebrand your online presence. We can also turn our website into a valuable tool to raise money, coordinate events, mobilize volunteers, and share successes. Now it’s time to spread the word and share what we do. A well-designed website is one of the best ways for your charity to get attention, promote our work, build trust, and make an even bigger impact. 

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    Pasay, NCR, Philippines, Philippines
  • Day Care Center Construction and Equiping

    We have been working towards constructing a day care center in an highly populated informal settler area. The Architects, engineers, surveyors and many others have donated their time and expertise to the planning and preparation. We have also been able to raise over 1 million peso's toward construction costs. The contractor has now deployed a team of workers and a foreman to the site with the target date of completion being mid May 2017. The target for this day care center is to provide free, quality education to up to 80 children per day in a safe, child friendly and well equipped environment.  Preparing children from 2-5 years old with necessary skills to enter kindergarten and elementary school. So far through donations from our kind supporters we have been able to raise the majority of the funding needed. The amount left is approximately 250 thousand pesos. If you can give towards this we know it can help in making a difference to those children who will benefit from having this day care center in their area.

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    Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Computers for the Less Fortunate

    Today, computer is a necessity. Reports, homework, projects and even research are all done through the digital world. But in reality, not every has the capacity to access one everyday nor have the chance to use it often. With the increasing number of students in Pakul Elementary School, there is an increasing demand for computers to be used by the students.  Request Details: - Seven (7) computers (Php 20,800.00 each) Pakul is among the 27 barangays in the municipality of Jaen, Nueva Ecija. It is home to 326 families with a population of about 1,500 individuals. It has one elementary school that caters to an estimate of 200 students with just 7 teachers. With the increasing number of students there is now a need for additional classrooms and equipments. The teachers are requesting assistance for 7 new sets of computers to be used by the students.Ivannah, a 5th Grade student, says “I want to learn how to use a computer so we can keep up with the technological advances. I know it will greatly help us with our studies and this would take us one step closer to our dreams.”Principal Evelyn Duran simply wishes that the students can study without hindrances. “Shortage of classrooms and computers are our current hurdles here in Pakul Elementary School. Your help will mean a lot to us here.” **Learn more about Gawad Kalinga at www.gk1world.com :

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    Jaen, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, Philippines
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  • Education, Information and Training Project

    PAFPI will embark a three-year campaign on HIV in partnership with local government and community. With the continuing increase of Filipinos getting infected with HIV (as reported by the Epidemiology Bureau of the Department of Health), PAFPI considers it an organizational mission to contribute to national HIV/AIDS-response through education and awareness campaign for vulnerable populations (such as departing overseas Filipino workers [PDOS], community, schools, workplaces) in order to promote behavioral change and lessening negative impacts including stigma and discrimination. Psychosocial services like counseling and referral to partner-agencies are routinely done. A significant component of PAFPI’s education campaign is drug-adherence. Some treatment-naïve clients often do not obtain appropriate pre- and post-test counseling especially from diagnostic centers, and thus fail to understand or appreciate the importance of adherence to ARV-regimen (the primary goal of the Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) is to prevent HIV related morbidity and mortality). Others stop taking meds simply because of lack of means to go to treatment institutions or hubs; still more do not have the wherewithal to pay PhilHealth insurance premiums. Poor adherence leads to immune deterioration, and a damaged immune-system in turn makes it hard for the body to fight infections and certain cancers. It also increases risks of drug-resistance and HIV treatment failure. Another part of incidental dissemination of information is to correct PLHIV-clients’ notions about nutrition, as this is an area often neglected in hospital environments. Not eating the right kind of food often results to fatigue, appetite loss, diminutions in senses of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting, infections or other problems of the mouth or throat.

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    Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines

    EMPOWERING A GENERATION TO END HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND MODERN SLAVERYiFIGHT is a youth movement to knock out human trafficking and modern slavery in this generation. We do this by raising massive awareness among the youth in different schools and universities around the country.We build the capacities of the youth in order to be iFIGHTers – an empowered youth as change agents in reducing their vulnerabilities to trafficking and slavery. We believe that young people have the unmatched idealism in innovating solutions and programs in protecting themselves and others.We believe that young people have the unlimited potential in being proactive and vigilant in implementing activities that will prevent further abuse and exploitation.We believe that young people have the unrelenting character of courageous fighters that will bring hope to those still trapped in slavery today. We do not do this alone. The movement relies heavily on much support and partnership from various stakeholders; such as communities, churches, private and corporate sectors, and local governments. Your donation will go a long way. IT CAN HELP US strengthen our chapters through capacity building and advocacy awareness sessions. http://visayanforum.org/ifightiFIGHT is one of Visayan Forum’s pillars, an organisation that has been fighting human trafficking and modern slavery since 1991. For more information about Visayan Forum and our founder Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda visit www.visayanforum.org.You may also watch the fighters by clicking here.

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    Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Light Up Algeciras Elementary School in Agutaya, Palawan

    The Andres Soriano Foundation is a non-government organization, established since 1968. With support from our partners, generous donors and stakeholders, ASF has initiated projects for Cancer treatment and research and need-based projects for environment protection and livelihood, health and education to improve the quality of life of fishing households and other coastal dwellers. We assist island communities in North Eastern, Palawan, Philippines.  The small islands in Quiniluban, Agutaya, Palawan  are off-grid areas and therefore the only source of electricity is Power Generator. Electricity in schools is a necessity that primarily provides electrical power for various educational equipments such as computers and overhead projectors. Having these computers put to life provide students the chance to widen their perspective on the use of computer technology and mainstream learning opportunities. We, The Andres Soriano Foundation, are humbly requesting, on behalf of students of Algeciras Elementary School, for a fund to purchase One (1) unit 5-KVA Power Generator Set including wirings and electrical accessories and to construct a Power House with 2 m. x 2.5m F/A. We would be glad to answer your queries just contact us in our contact details.   

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    Pasay, Philippines
  • School Supplies for Elementary Students

    As part of the Balik-Culion Program of Culion Foundation, Inc., it will provide students of an elementary school in Culion, Palawan with the following school supplies: pencils, crayons, pencil box, sharpener, erasers, ruler, notebooks, writing pads, lunchbox, and backpack.Culion Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is a non-stock, non-profit social development organization that aims to improve the quality of life of Filipinos through programs in public health and community development.CFI was established in 1976 by Fr. Javier Olazabal, SJ and Don Jose Ma. Soriano, Sr. During the initial years, the Foundation focused on leprosy management in Culion, the former world's largest leper colony. It made remarkable gains using a holistic approach encompassing multiple drug treatment, psychosocio-economic well-being, social reintegration, research, and community development. The Foundation, as envisioned by the founders, was to be a catalyst in reorienting the values of the people of Culion towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It has also supported several community development projects, ranging from agriculture, fisheries, piggery, livelihood assistance, health and basic infrastructure facilities like schools, to local governance and the setting up of a water district. Since 1997, the Foundation has expanded its geographic coverage to other provinces which had high leprosy prevalence rates. It has also modified its program assistance on health to include other communicable and infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, malaria, and helminthiasis, that are prevalent in provinces. Today, its mission is to help build the country's capacity to deal with various challenges to human development, primarily the prevention and control of neglected tropical diseases.

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    Culion, Palawan, Philippines, Philippines
  • Technology for CPF’s Visual Learners (children with special needs)

            The desire to provide educational nurturing to pave the way towards a successful future for children with special needs, CereCare Philippines Foundation Inc together with a group of child welfare advocates, educational experts, professionals and paraprofessionals spearheaded a family centered facility that offers a wide variety of intervention and therapeutic programs that designed to facilitate optimal level of functioning and purposeful living for individuals with special needs. Since then, the foundation has created a considerable benchmark in the field of Special Education (SPED) in the Philippines.          CereCare Philippines Foundation, Inc. (CPF) envisions a therapeutic learning community for individuals with special and developmental needs to become self-sustaining and self-actualized in their respective fields of endeavor. It aims to make a difference in the lives of individuals by providing them unparalleled professional services in the pursuit for independence, balance daily living and academic excellence.            We need computers for our children with exceptionalities. At the moment, we have only one computer shared by our 37 students who are with special needs and are all visual learners and in need to be adept with these technological times.    List of interest for this request : - Our children will be able to manipulate and create wondrous things using the computer - There will be one computer per student during their computer subject. - The teachers will be able to make use of the computers to create their lessons and surf the            net to see other ideas that can make their lessons more exciting and stimulating - The children will be able to listen and enjoy music they love (circle time) and for those with           sensory integration dysfunction (sensitivity) they can also enjoy the music (in different rooms)    to calm them and help them get ready for social interaction or class.

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