• Bring Hope Football Initiative

    Objectives: - To bring hope to children within the Refugee Camps- To motivate refugee children and youths to follow their own dreams - To coach children using the highest possible standards through training, mentoring and implementing a person first approach which will allow refugee children to reach their maximum potential in sport or in life- To use professional sports celebrities in the world of football/soccer, Professional Clubs, as well as other sporting icons who are devoted to demonstrate their love for all young people - To make a difference in the lives of refugee children by providing a feeling of belonging, togetherness, personal accountability, team work/team building and life coachingVision: Football is such a unique sport as there are so many disciplines that players have to master I.e. teamwork, personal and team accountability, personal/team focus, understanding information & playing formations, fitness, drive, determination, desire, dedication. Exercise requires stored energy and will ensure the young people are healthy (healthy mind = healthy body)! important life lessons. Lessons such as working hard, being dedicated and relying on others. Sports keeps children and young people engaged mentally and physically rather than engaging in violent or less desirable behaviours. With investment in youth we can protect their future. These children will live more comfortable lives in the region they are most accustomed to and where they have long-standing ties both culturally and religiously. It is truly amazing how football unites all people no matter their creed or religion. It promotes hope, friendship love as well as teaching young people about winning and losing. The commitment to sport is valuable while enduring challenges which most have already been exposed to in much more horrible circumstances will leave them in good stead for the future. Lastly, these children will remain steadfast in their belief the world and its people will help them remain independent, free and safe. Fair Play Sports Management and Football Icon:  Football brings with it international development by providing global education and effecting positive social change. Football crosses geographic, ethnic and religious boundaries. Almost everyone has either played or watched football as it is commonly played throughout much of the world. Football provides a range of benefits to society, producing identifiable results in areas such as health, education, collaboration and community building. Importantly, the game brings joy to the refugees, which moves hearts and minds. It builds character and develops the mind and spirit of the players. Football is a national sport in Kurdistan, which increases the power to mobilise people and energise programs that offer direct impact on the refugees.Beginning the project in two camps which are located in the provinces of Duhok and Erbil, specialised teams of dedicated people from BringHope Humanitarian Foundation Football Initiative will investigate the area and develop their “start-up program”. This program needs to receive funding from the authorities, private sponsors, and other funding agencies to show the World that with dedication and happiness you can build, innovate and BRING HOPE.  We can jointly make and change lives, regardless of race, religion and ethnic background, gender, and physical differences, eliminating tears and fears. We will make a difference using a known process and plan; through professionals with skills and goal setting that will lead to SUCCESS. It will not only bring joy and fun, it will also create jobs and synergies for many local people. Learning to play football not just to win, but to win with grace and style. To “live the dream” and create a culture of fun and excitement. In brief, the project aims to build a bridge between parents and coaches, coaches and children, children and life.  It is our desire to create a place where football can be taught and played engaging children at all levels, where energy is expended in a positive manner and where children feel good about where they live and the friendships they create, lasting friendships made for a lifetime. Initial plan: - Football training includes both technical and tactical elements essential to the game. The individual and team skills vital to success in football are stressed in a competitive environment. The BringHope Humanitarian Foundation Football Initiative   programs are designed to help players perform and execute high level technique while demonstrating a keen insight into the games nuances. A long term goal of the academy is to bring young talents to play at their highest level possible. - Ambassadors from Professional Football Teams visit the Camps. These Professional Football Team Ambassadors take the lead as camp owners initially targeting two of 5 camps (2 camps in Erbil, 2 camps in Duhok and 1 camp in Sulaimaniyah) in Iraqi Kurdistan (see appendix);  - Ankawa camp: Erbil - Baradarash camp: Duhok Safety and Security: Security, both safety (passive hazards) and Security (active threats), are basic needs of people and form an essential part of the project. Children can only concentrate fully on sports when they are in a safe environment. It is especially necessary to work with professional support and qualitative equipment. This professional preparation and coordinated processes ensure events that run on the venues occur without interference or incidents. Security is a dynamic process and not a static one. All written documents will be issued in both English and Kurdish languages for ease of proper communication. Stages of the project: The project consists of three phases, encompassing evaluation on the ground, preparation of required safety instructions, and evaluation of initial actions. - Preliminary phase (one week)     * Evaluation of the camps and requirements regarding safety (Safety & Security).     * Survey of staff needs and their requirements.     * Evaluation of what further events can additionally be carried out in these camps.     * Investigation of what requirements must be met to allow people a safe stay and provide a high subjective feeling. This positive and safe feeling of the protected person contributes significantly to the success of an event.     * - Main phase (two weeks)     * Developing of checklists and emergency instructions to give those people in charge needed tools.     * Training of the involved groups for the event and security services.     * Training Topics include -  number of staff needed at events and training, assess any/all significant constraints. Creating different protection zones (protection zone models), communication requirements (internal / external), mobility, risk points on events, check points at entrance, basic first aid requirements at events, equipment to ensure Security, understanding of fire protection in case of any undesired occurrences, personal protection requirements for high-ranking guests    * Minimum of three major events to support the local authorities’ responsibility for supervision. - Follow-up phase     * Evaluation and adaptation of processes and requirements.     * Retraining and workshops on lessons learned. Sponsorships: Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) is seeking sponsors from FIFA, UEFA or any legitimate Organisation which is needed to make this Football Project a success. As the Main Objective is to bring HOPE – a successful roll out is the main objective, therefore we have recruited local coaches- FIFA certified and we are seeking areas for soccer fields at a local level. For the 5 camps BHHF takes care of – we are seeking a Total Budget of approximately 950,000 Euro to cover all costs (Table 1).  Safety and Security issues we feel require specialists from Europe with local support of course, to ensure the process is given full and complete attention to details/threats…known or unknown. Funding for this Project will be administered through Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF), headed by President Mariwan Baker, who also holds the title of IIMSAM/UN Goodwill Ambassador (permanent observer to the UNs economic and social council).  With the income created through this competitive market activity the poorest of the poor will be helped and every single player (boy or girl) will recognise, understand, and feel how to help each other as they seek and display friendship and love for each other.  Number and age of players per camp: - Under 9 Year-Old (Y.O.) (40 Players; boys and girls) - 9-13 Y.O.                      (40 Players; boys and girls) - 14-18 Y.O.                    (70 Players; boys and girls) - Total: 150 players /camp  - 5 camps x 150 = 750 players 

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    Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Iraq
  • Creative Innovation Sphere

    The 21st century is an era of entrepreneurship and innovation enriched by the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and demands of our students a new sub-set of skills, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and project-based learning (PBL). Our students' future workplace hasn't yet been invented! Through the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and collaborative learning, we can improve the readiness of our young people, in terms of the social and work skills, they will need in their future real-world careers. Our traditional-style classrooms are ready for a makeover to keep pace with our rapidly evolving education system! This novelty education approach requires a technologically sophisticated environment that enables dynamic, interactive learning both for teachers and for students.   We call these our Creative Innovation Spheres. These are a large, open-plan, high-tech and flexible space. New equipment and comfortable furniture make it an effective, pleasant work environment. It changes easily from a frontal teaching set-up to small-group brainstorming and project-building spots, using movable chairs and work stations seamlessly switching between modular areas and large rooms.  Each Sphere will have tech tools such as computers, Wi-Fi access, 3D printers and smart boards. It will also have a workshop for construction and hands-on creativity. Tables and chairs on casters allow youngsters to regroup as teams are assembled. These Creative Innovation Spheres are the learning laboratories of this generation.The Creative  Innovation Sphere will operate during school hours for students and after hours for children, youth and adults in the community, engaging them in relevant courses and activities. We expect that the exciting new center will: (i) Increase our students' sense of belonging to the school and Bat Yam, and (ii) Improve our school's image in the community, attracting new students.* The campaign fund will be collected and managed by “Ort Israel (C.C)”

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    Bat Yam, Israel, Israel
  • Weaving Dreams for the Children of the B'laan Tribe

    The B’laan is known as one of the most colorful and exotic tribes in Mindanao, Philippines. They are known for their intricate indigenous art; it is believed that before one is able to weave, they dream of patterns and designs. They are also known for their intricate bead works. But the tribe has been branded as illiterate and they have very low self-esteem. Only very few B’laan tribe members were able to attend college and have become professionals. Believing that education is a key intervention to change the lives of these children, the Visions of Hope Foundation and CCT-Visions of Hope Christian School operate a school at Barangay Nagpan. Here we are able to give more than 100 children access to quality Elementary Christian Education. Research has shown that if there is at least one person in the household who would be educated then there is a high probability of the next generation gaining education and earning a higher income thus lifting the family out of poverty.  As we continue to dream a brighter future for the children of the B’laan and Tagakaulo tribe, a two-storey academic building is currently under construction. This new building would allow us to reach more children in the community. To turn the building into classrooms for learning we are raising funds for classroom fixtures and furniture. The building will have six classrooms and each classroom will need the following:    ITEM                                Estimated COST              # of Items                          TOTAL COST Armchairs (Wooden)           PHP 800.00                    35pcs                        PHP 28,000.00 Teacher’s Table                     PHP 3,000.00                     1                            PHP 3,000.00 Teacher’s Chair                     PHP 800.00                        1                            PHP 800.00 Electric Fan (Wall Fan)        PHP 1,400.00                      2                            PHP 2,800.00 Whiteboard/Blackboard      PHP 3,500.00                     1                             PHP 3,500.00 Teacher’s filing cabinet        PHP 7,500.00                     1                              PHP 7,500.00 TOTAL COST per CLASSROOM                                                                      PHP 45,100.00

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    Malungon, Sarangani, Philippines, Philippines
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  • Cancer Stricken Child wish for Laptop

    Hope for Life is constantly working to make life easier and happier for children with cancer in Israel. In the framework of the organization’s computer program, a new, sophisticated laptop was given to Netiv on February 8. Now he can spend the time of his extended hospital stays in a more enjoyable way. Netiv is a wonderful child, and we believe he will overcome the difficult disease quickly. Hope for Life gives these children computers so that they can study, play, watch videos and communicate with their friends.

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    Israel, Israel
  • Specialist equipment required for JDF

    The Joey Dunlop Foundation Charity work to provide specialist disabled equipment for Braddan Bridge House that will assist the many disabled visitors that stay here on their holiday. The type of equipment that is required are specialist beds with mattresses and other necessary aids, hoists, shower chairs, kitchen aids and seating such as recliner chairs or soft cushions. There is also the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the holiday complex which consists of five self-contained self-catering apartments. The complex can comfortably accommodate 18 adults.

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    Isle of Man,
  • School Tours for Human Trafficking Awareness

    The best antidote to human trafficking incidents is awareness.Every quarter Called to Rescue Philippines conducts a school-tour involving at least 300             students from underprivileged communities. Children are prime targets for traffickers, online    and on campus! Over 100,000 children are trafficked every year for sexual slavery from the      Philippines alone.We will conduct more anti trafficking campaigns preventing more unnecessary incidents with  more resources made available.Each school tour costa an average of PhpP50,000.00 ($US1000.00) covering transportation, food for the team and students, honoraria (or "love gifts") for performers and speakers. Costs are kept to the minimum so we can do more, for less. This is money well spent; not the money         spent on children used for sexual slavery, some as much as 20-30 times a day.Help us by funding a school or 4 schools for a year. Help prevent trafficking and preserve the     lives of the next generation.

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    1289 Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA, United States
  • Modular Training on Basic Computer Literacy

    Under the community based program of TESDA, modular training on Basic Computer Literacy is a training conducted to provide basic knowledge to those who can not afford a formal education in Cyber Technology for the out of school youth, socially disadvantage adults and even professionals who want to increase their technical skills and other applications that are associated with computers.Under the community based program of TESDA, modular training on Basic Computer Literacy is a training conducted to provide basic knowledge to those who can not afford a formal education on Cyber Technology for the out of school youth, socially disadvantage adults and even professionals who want to increase their technical skills and other applications that are associated with computers.

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    Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, Philippines
  • Dress up as an Animal Day 26/01/18

    •An all island dress down day for participating schools, nurseries and playschools. Children will be given the option to dress up as an animal for a day. £1 donation per child. Schools will be encouraged to carryout their own further fundraising activities on the day i.e. Cakes sales, raffle and face painting. • Parents will be given the option to upload a photograph of THEIR child/ren to the sponsors Facebook page. The photograph with the most likes will at the end of the day win a family day out at Ape Mann. • Staff from the ManxSPCA and the sponsor will visit participating schools on the day. Photos of visits will be uploaded to the ManxSPCA Facebook page (with the permission of the school). Sponsorship of this event is £500 Isle of Man

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    Isle of Man, Isle of Man