• Quails for a Living in Punong, Magarao, Camarines Sur

    When BFAR (Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources) abolished the used of facilities and tools to catch small fishes and shrimps, many families in barangay Punong of Magarao, Camarines Sur lost their livelihood as well.Request Details:Per Quail = Php 40.00(Need: 1,000 quails)Per Farming Cage = Php 2,900.00(Need: 10 cages)Per Package Option:Quail Livelihood Package (Need: 10 packages)Livelihood Package Breakdown: - 100 Quails- 1 Farming CageTotal Package Cost: Php 6,900.00 (each package)(Nipa making is one of their alternative livelihood)Though many were resourceful enough to find alternatives like catching crabs and Tabios (a species of the dwarf goby and one of the smallest edible fish), these aren’t enough to sustain their cost of living. Nipa making is one of their current thriving livelihoods but too many of the families are doing the same. To prosper further, this community is in need of alternatives for livelihood. Fishing and catching shrimps is prohibited. Many of the poor families rely on working as a construction worker and laborer on a day-to-day hiring basis. A day of no work means a day of no food. Quail farming has been proposed to support 10 of the poor families in Punong. Quails are not hard to raise and their eggs can be harvested daily. They can be sold as is or can be converted to different food delicacies. Complete Quail Farming tools are requested for each of the 10 families. The local leaders commit to have them undergo Quail Farming training as their counterpart in the livelihood assistance to be provided. **Learn more about Gawad Kalinga at www.gk1world.com :

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    Magarao, Camarines Sur, Philippines, Philippines
  • Surf our way to Save the Environment!

       In 2008, a group of die hard surfers discovered the site where Lola Sayong is currently situated. While enjoying the challenge brought about by the swell, they noticed that they are with local surfers who are out of school youths (OSYs). With the drive to help them finish studies, the group of Gubatnon for Adventourism Incorporated was established. The primary goal is to get funding through surfing and help the OSY surfers and ultimately the OSY of the community to finish schooling. As of date, Lola Sayong is one of the newest places to be in Sorsogon especially for backpackers and millennial. It was recently ranked second of the six places to be in Sorsogon. With the bulk of millennial visiting the place, there is a reason to enhance the camp area especially in terms of sanitation while still preserving the laid back ambiance.    There is a need for funding on the construction of comfort rooms and shower rooms. There is also a need to find a good source of water and have a water pump installed. With the continuous media exposure of the good Samaritan surfers, it is timely if they can have rush guards to serve as their uniform as to emphasize their identity of a good heart. With a more enhanced Lola Sayong Surf Camp, more tourists will come which means more OSY will be able to go back to school.WHAT WE NEED!- Kitchen Dining Facility (Php 420,000.00)- Lodging Enhancement (Php 600,000.00)- Toilet Bath Facility (Php 480,000.00)

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    Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines, Philippines
  • Comfortable and Healthy Life

    House of the Heroes Residential Care is taking care of 20 children in a shelter. And as a part of our Health program is to give them a comfortable and well-ventilated environment. We are in need of 2 STAND FAN, 2 ORBIT FAN and 2 WALL FAN. It is very important to provide them a good ventilation in order to provide oxygen, to reduce asthma, to help alleviate symptoms of hayfever, to remove combustion gases, heat, dust, lint odors. If the room is not properly ventilated there will be excessive quantity of carbon dioxide in the air and difficulty in breathing. And it may cause unhealthy living environment.Aside from this, House of the Heroes has only limited number of beds shared by our 20 orphaned, neglected and at risk children. Most of it are made of wood. As to provide them their own comfortable bed and to give them a healthy life during their growing years, we are requesting to have a 20 comfortable beds, 40 bed sheets, 40 blankets and 40 pillows for House of the Heroes kids.

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    Rodriguez, Calabarzon, Philippines,
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  • Nutritional Feeding Program for HIV Patients

    The overall goal of the project is to contribute in the improvement of the quality of life of persons living with HIV (PLHIV) by initiating a strategic approach to improve their health status through urgent nutritional support to indigents and other needy PLHIVs in the treatment facilities and communities. Hospital and home visits to them and their affected families are conducted. Aside from food and supplements, expenses for emergency medical support such as necessary laboratory fees are likewise provided, in cooperation with the hospitals to which consent for giving of confidential-data is given by the patient. Nutrition plays a key role in health and wellness of all individuals. Optimal nutrition – eating the right type and amount of food in the right combination – is a critical component of comprehensive prevention, care and treatment for individuals with HIV and AIDS. Nutrition and HIV and AIDS are cyclically related. When the body’s immune system breaks down as a result of HIV or AIDS, this can contribute to malnutrition and susceptibility to infection. These infections can result in diarrhea, malabsorption, poor appetite and weight loss. Therefore, malnutrition can contribute to and be a result of HIV disease progression. Conversely, a person who is well-nourished is more likely to maintain a stronger immune system for coping with HIV and fighting infection. Optimal nutrition is also an important component of the response to chronic diseases that are becoming increasingly prevalent among individuals with HIV and AIDS.Compared to the national population of 102 million Filipinos, a small segment of people infected with HIV (PLHIV) may be negligible. However, according to official records and observations of care-and-support organizations, there is a significant upsurge of HIV cases up to the current year, harming the productive sector of youth and young people, males having sex with males (MSM), displaced migrant workers and the troublesome people who inject drugs (PWID) at certain locations of the country. Previously in 2006-2007, there is an average one case per day, two in 2009. On the average, five cases per day has been reported, but as of November 2016 the figure climbed to a staggering one case every hour and eight seconds, or roughly 26 cases a day.

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    Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Disaster Response Feeding Operation

    New Life Community Care Foundation Int'l. Inc (NLCOM) is passionate in responding to the        immediate needs of individuals, families and communities who are hit by disasters and              calamities.  We do this by being the first to show up in disaster zones, preparing and serving    nutritious hot meals to the victims. Our team of volunteers rapidly respond and go to disaster areas together with our kitchen         truck. This truck is fully fitted with cooking equipment which has the capacity to prepare and    serve ten thousand hot meals per day. In line with our mission to prepare for disasters, we are launching a campaign to raise funds so when disaster hits, we can readily go, serve and meet the immediate needs of those affected.     Your donation will position us to respond and help victims of disasters in their time of great need. 

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    Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines

    EMPOWERING A GENERATION TO END HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND MODERN SLAVERYiFIGHT is a youth movement to knock out human trafficking and modern slavery in this generation. We do this by raising massive awareness among the youth in different schools and universities around the country.We build the capacities of the youth in order to be iFIGHTers – an empowered youth as change agents in reducing their vulnerabilities to trafficking and slavery. We believe that young people have the unmatched idealism in innovating solutions and programs in protecting themselves and others.We believe that young people have the unlimited potential in being proactive and vigilant in implementing activities that will prevent further abuse and exploitation.We believe that young people have the unrelenting character of courageous fighters that will bring hope to those still trapped in slavery today. We do not do this alone. The movement relies heavily on much support and partnership from various stakeholders; such as communities, churches, private and corporate sectors, and local governments. Your donation will go a long way. IT CAN HELP US strengthen our chapters through capacity building and advocacy awareness sessions. http://visayanforum.org/ifightiFIGHT is one of Visayan Forum’s pillars, an organisation that has been fighting human trafficking and modern slavery since 1991. For more information about Visayan Forum and our founder Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda visit www.visayanforum.org.You may also watch the fighters by clicking here.

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    Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • 'Pag Tayo ay Alisto, Sakuna ay Talo' Disaster Preparedness for Children, Families, and Communities Share An Opportunity Philippines

    Climate conditions are changing and it worsens over time. Super typhoons are now common and becoming the new normal making it a serious threat to every life.Every person is vulnerable to natural disasters most especially the children. As climate change continue to worsen, we at Share An Opportunity Philippines see the importance of educating and helping the communities prepare for these disasters to reduce the risk to our fellowmen.We aim to train on disaster preparedness and distribute Go Bags to Brgy. Sobol, Asingan. Just last year, this community was devastated by Typhoon Lando affecting 175 families in Asingan, Pangasinan.Their community really needs your help so they can be ready when a disaster comes. If you help them be prepared today, you are providing them not only a Go Bag but a bigger chance of survival for disasters to come.By supporting this endeavor, you are saving lives. You can help by pledging cash as we raise 100,000 for 100 Go Bags. Or you can send in kind donations of the following:FlashlightWhistleBagBlanketHygiene kit (shampoo, soap, napkin, etc)First Aid Kit (cotton, band-aid, alcohol, gauze, etc)Radio (Battery-powered)BatteriesFood (canned goods)Bottled waterGarbage bag (For waste disposal and can be used as a blanket)Bright BandanaOptional (Book and Toys for children) Together, let's help one family at a time to be prepared for disasters.  

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    Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Make Childbirth Safer for Mothers in Palawan

    The island village of Manamoc is some 4 hours away by outrigger boat from mainland Cuyo Municipality. Whenever there are health emergencies, the government-trained midwife can only do so much first aide and have to send patients to mainland Cuyo. Oftentimes, patients die on their way to the only  District Hospital available in Cuyo. In Manamoc, a newly constructed multi-purpose facility was converted to Health Station and Birthing Clinic to comfortably cater to the basic health requirement of the island residents especially pregnant women and children. The Health Station however, needs birthing equipment to fully cater to pregnant women reducing risk of mother and infant mortality in the island.     Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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    Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines