• Fund Homes or Communities

    Gawad Kalinga builds homes for the poor that restore their dignity and pride – taking them from a slum environment to a beautiful community of homes painted with the colors of hope. Different partners help us build safe and decent homes for the poor as one a critical step in their journey out of poverty. From corporations giving several villages to a family building one legacy village to individuals pooling their funds to build one home, everyone has a part to play in building communities and restoring hope. 1 House = Php 156,000 Standard Design for a House: Total living space of 22-24 sqm with expandable loft area Separate sleeping quarters and toilet/bath Environmental features (cool roof for better heat absorption, passive ventilation) Structurally and beautifully comparable to broad-based commercial housing 1 Village (20 homes) = Php 3,000,000 GK constructs structurally sound homes with an adequate living space for the whole family, as well as facilities that help build community spirit. Being a village builder allows you to prevent loss of lives by moving families from danger zones to safe areas and sturdy homes before the disasters happen. The package includes: Naming rights to the village Cost of community organizing **Note: Campaign Impact states 4 People = 1 Typical Family. **1 Unit for 1 Family = Php 156,000.00 In donating a community, contact us at www.gk1world.com :

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    Philippines, Philippines
  • PAFPI Sustainable Shelter Project

    PAFPI has been instrumental in ensuring free Anti Retroviral treatment for HIV for all Filipinos. Our efforts have, however, not ended with this success. The free ARV treatment means that many more people can survive than ever before. They are often met with rejection by friends and family. Many are kicked out of their home and find themselves alone in the streets.For more than 15 years, PAFPI has provided temporary shelter for thousands of vulnerable people living with HIV and their families. PAFPI's Abot–Kamay Drop–in Center (AK) and Bahay Kanlungan (BK, literally "home –care") provide a half-way home for these persons during a very difficult time in their lives.Through a drop-in center PAFPI will contribute to a vision of a world where people living with HIV live healthy lives free from prejudice and discrimination.Those who have benefited from this project include families with children, deported and returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), as well those people from the provinces who need to access ARV treatment and medical check-up in the cities. These centers also serve as venues for PAFPI-sponsored trainings, seminars and one-on-one counseling and HIV and treatment information.The demands for these services are booming due to the increasing infection rate. We are working to ensure that the shelters will be sustainable on a long-term basis.

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    Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Comfortable and Healthy Life

    House of the Heroes Residential Care is taking care of 20 children in a shelter. And as a part of our Health program is to give them a comfortable and well-ventilated environment. We are in need of 2 STAND FAN, 2 ORBIT FAN and 2 WALL FAN. It is very important to provide them a good ventilation in order to provide oxygen, to reduce asthma, to help alleviate symptoms of hayfever, to remove combustion gases, heat, dust, lint odors. If the room is not properly ventilated there will be excessive quantity of carbon dioxide in the air and difficulty in breathing. And it may cause unhealthy living environment.Aside from this, House of the Heroes has only limited number of beds shared by our 20 orphaned, neglected and at risk children. Most of it are made of wood. As to provide them their own comfortable bed and to give them a healthy life during their growing years, we are requesting to have a 20 comfortable beds, 40 bed sheets, 40 blankets and 40 pillows for House of the Heroes kids.

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    Rodriguez, Calabarzon, Philippines,
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  • Shelter Kits for Super Typhoon Haima (Lawin) victims

    Super Typhoon Lawin (Haima), the strongest cyclone to hit the Philippines last October 2016 in   three years, made its destructive power evident in Cagayan Province when it toppled power       lines, unroofed houses, damaged infrastructures and devastated agriculture extensively. Last November 2016, New Life Community Care Foundation was able to provide shelter            materials to 65 families in Barangay Quibal, Peñablanca and Barangay Lanna, Enrile both in      Cagayan Province. These families include aetas and their widows who are marginalized and        seldomly reached by government assistance.   Three months since the disaster, calamity aids dwindled, as some relief agencies/NGOs shift       their focus on new areas in need of support.  However, the need for shelter assistance remains     imminent.  Many families still live in damaged houses covered in tarps. Majority are still waiting  for government assistance. It is in circumstances like these where NLCOM steps in and provide rapid solutions. This is what   this campaign is all about.  Your donation will enable us to go to the far flung areas and provide shelter kit materials to 150 families. Join us in this campaign. 

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    Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines, Philippines

    On 25 December 2016, super typhoon “Nina” (international name: Nock-ten) slammed Camarines Sur, striking the province with gusts up to 250 kilometers per hour and heavy rains. Nina is the strongest typhoon to hit the Bicol Region in ten years. The sight was anything but merry a day after Christmas: wrecked houses in pools of mud, toppled electric posts and darkness engulfing the province as evening fell. Camarines Sur was immediately placed under a state of calamity. The province sustained damages amounting to more than Ten Billion Pesos (PhP10,000,000,000.00).Barangay Salvacion in Buhi, Camarines Sur is one of the areas hardest hit by the super typhoon. A total of 257 houses were completely destroyed — leaving thousands of families without a home. Corazon Pacipani, 47, a resident of Barangay Salvacion since she was born, thought she has already seen and prepared for any strong typhoon. In fact, she and her children have taken to their hearts their drill whenever it pours. "We would get our old cans and containers, align them on the floor directly under the holes on our ceiling, and hope for the best the rain miraculously stops soon," shared Corazon's first born. When a typhoon strikes, they would secure their essential belongings and evacuate from their house.Living the Worst Nightmare. However, nothing could prepare Corazon’s family for the wrath of Super Typhoon Nina. "I've never heard winds whistle as loudly as that night. What was supposed to be a day of celebration for families became a day of sorrow for us," Corazon recalled with tears in her eyes. She considers it a Christmas miracle that her family was safe and secured. When her family went back to their house a day after the typhoon, her worst fear was realized — part by part, piece by piece, their house was ravaged, leaving them with absolutely nothing to build from this time. “It has always been our home since we started a family. But now, it's gone. We don't even know where to start now," said Corazon.Time to Rebuild. The massive devastation prompted us, the Bicol River Development Foundation, Inc. to launch this campaign and help Camarines Sur rise again.  New Homes, Rekindled Hope. Our Foundation already initiated rebuilding 35 typhoon-resilient homes —its resilience is afforded by concrete walls and slab roofing that help avoid corrosion and ensure the structure's durability. They are designed to be strong enough to withstand typhoons with sustained winds of 250kph or more and gustiness of up to 300kph. The structure is also sealed waterproof to avoid moisture from getting into the concrete, especially in cases of heavy downpour.On behalf of families like that of Corazon Pacipani, our Foundation appeals to your generosity to help us build more typhoon-resilient homes for 20 families in Barangay Salvacion, Buhi. With its durability and resiliency, each unit costs PhP96,000.00. Rest assured, your donation will not only put up homes for these families; it will also go a long way in providing a permanent feeling of safety and security to the survivors in dire need of stronger and safer houses. Please extend a helping hand, save lives and restore the dignity of Super Typhoon Nina survivors.

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    Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines, Philippines
  • Family Retreat

    To provide a venue for relaxation, fun, learning experiences, and to foster camaraderie among campers and counselors.

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    Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines
  • Be Part of A Child's Tomorrow

    Dear Friends,Greetings of Joy!Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation based in the island of Negros that strives to provide the needs and protects the rights of the disadvantaged children - the abandoned, neglected, physically and sexually abused, orphaned, malnourished, and victims of poverty, child labor and trafficking. At present, we have 104 children in the two homes that we manage where they are given a safe and loving environment which they deserve.This is an endeavor that needs all the support that we can get. For sustainability, we need individuals and groups to help provide for our children's basic needs, medical expenses and assistance for their studies. We are willing to continue taking on the challenge, but we need help.We need help in two areas, HOME LIFE, which includes basic and medical needs, is P8,000/child/year. EDUCATION, which is for their tuition fees, is P18,000/child/schoolyear. You can choose which sponsorship you prefer.Our foundation is accredited by the Philippine Council for Non Government Organizations Certification (PCNC), which means that all the donations we receive are tax-deductible in the Philippines. Our foundation was named Kalipay because it is a reflection of our main goal. Kalipay means Happiness” or “Joy” – which is exactly what we want to bring to our children. We strive to not only give these children a new home, but a new life…a happy life. We are hoping that you can help us in this endeavor.Please visit our  Kalipay Negresne Foundation website for more information about us. We hope that we may be a worthy beneficiary of your organization or as an individual.Sincerely yours,ANNA C. BALCELLSFounder/President

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    Negros Occidental, Philippines, Philippines
  • Industrial Fan for Pangarap Shelter

     In 1989, Pangarap Foundation started its work with streetchildren, out of school youth and their families in Pasay City. Many of our clients came from the nearby squatter families at the reclamation area where the present SM Mall of Asia is. Other clients came from Metro Manila, the nearby provinces and from Visayas and Mindanao. At present, we have 51 boys ages 13-17 yrs. old who are in the shelter being provided with Caring, Healing and Teaching intervention services. Pangarap Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit social welfare institution based in Pasay City. We are working for boys who are in need of special protection and their families as well. It is licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development as a child caring agency. Pangarap is also a certified donee Institution by the Phil. Council for NonGovernment Organization Certification. Beneficiaries These children/youths come from large, poor, dysfunctional families usually who leave home to work on the streets, eventually living there most of the time supporting themselves by doing menial jobs, scavenging, begging, using drugs, gambling, prostitution, stealing, etc. These behaviors they learn in order to survive on the streets.            They come to us referred by street educators, by local CSWDO’s, concerned citizens, other children, transfers from other centers or as walk ins. Pangarap Shelter need followings: 1. Food Items (Rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, canned goods & biscuits.) 2. Personal Hygiene / Cleaning Materials (Laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, domex, dishwashing liquids/sponge, mops & brooms) 3. Medicines (Multivitamins, paracetamol, antibiotic, etc.) 4. Clothes (Shorts, T-shirts, briefs (small, medium adult size 28-34), boxer shorts 5. School Supplies / Sports Materials (Notebooks, ballpens, pencils, pads, badminton, volleyball, basketball & indoor games / toys) 6. Furniture / Equipment / Utensils (Plastic chairs, pails, basin, siesta bed, computer (old/ new), camera, plates, forks & spoons) For now Pangarap Shelter needs Industrial Fans. Pasay, NCR, Philippines

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    Pasay, NCR, Philippines, Philippines