Spread Organic Farming in Maguindanao

Livelihood and humanity
Upi, PH
12 Sep 2018
$445.09 raised of $41.3K

Upi is a mountainous town located at the south-western coastal area of the Maguindanao province. This municipality is known for a festival called Meguyaya, a Teduray term which means thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest.

Farming is the main source of income for 90% of the people in Upi, with corn as the primary crop. Due to the great amount of capital needed for cultivating corn, most farmers are left with no choice but to be indebted to middlemen and financiers. Destructive practices such as the continuous application of synthetic fertilizers and the use of herbicides have also damaged the soil and the environment.

To help the farmers shift from monocropping to multiple cropping, ILOVE Foundation has partnered with Busikong Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative through our ‘Quest for Love’ initiative. This loving organization is a group of 225 farmers in Upi who have spearheaded the change from corn to a more diversified and integrated organic farming.

Producing multiple crops through organic farming yields a bigger harvest and reduces the risk of total loss from typhoons, droughts, pests, and diseases. It also helps farmers maximize the materials and budget needed for production.

Having successfully established its model farm, the Busikong Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative is now moving to replicate organic farming systems in Upi’s 22 other barangays. Currently, the cooperative’s model farm is already producing different leafy vegetables, fruits, and other high-value crops.

ILOVE Foundation and Busikong Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative will use the funds raised through this campaign in buying tractors, tillers, and other equipment needed by the farmers, training other farmers in developing their own organic farms. and building an irrigation system for the farms with the help of the Department of Agriculture (DA).To make this project sustainable, we are working on making this farming demand or market-driven so that farmers can concentrate on their work of planting, growing and taking care of their plants; and have sure- end-buyers such as hotels or supermarkets so all their work and efforts are not in vain and the produce does not go to waste. Help ILOVE Foundation and Busikong Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative lift more farmers out of poverty while creating greater awareness for environmental sustainability. Support this campaign by clicking the Give Now button. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and encourage them to support organic farmers!

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