Protect Bulusan Volcano National Park

Mount Bulusan, PH
18 Feb 2019
$125.58 raised of $61.9K

The municipality of Bulusan is home to the highest peak in Sorsogon—Mount Bulusan. This active volcano is the centerpiece of the Bulusan Volcano National Park which also features two other mountain peaks known as ‘Sharp Peak’ and ‘Hormahan’, Lake Aguingay, Bulusan Lake, and endemic species of flora and fauna.

In recent years, the beautiful environment of Bulusan has been threatened by illegal activities and human settlement. ILOVE Foundation, in partnership with Aggrupation of Advocates for Environmental Protection (AGAP), aims to protect the Bulusan Volcano National Park and its surrounding communities.

AGAP is a loving organization that aims to address the adverse effect of mining operations on the environment and economic activities in Bulusan. When a mining corporation left the community with cyanide contaminating its water resources, the agricultural, foresting, and fishing livelihood were all affected.

As a result, many farmers and fisher folks resorted to illegal activities such as kaingin farming and poaching to support their families. Through AGAP’s intervention, the locals stopped their illegal activities and turned to more sustainable and eco-friendly livelihood.

Through our ‘Quest for Love’ initiative, AGAP proposed a plan to continue their efforts in transforming Bulusan into a sustainable eco-tourism and adventure site. The organization’s goal is to engage more locals in its new project, especially the women, youth, elderly, persons with disability, and the LGBT community.

AGAP’s new project called Participatory Restoration with Eco-Livelihood Support, Education, Research, Ventures & Eco-Agritourism for Mountains, Rivers And Seas (PRESERVE MRS) focuses on the development of the activities and facilities of Bulusan Volcano National Park.

ILOVE Foundation and AGAP will use the funds raised through this campaign in buying additional equipment and materials for the new activities and facilities. We will make sure that the implementation of this project would follow sustainable practices.

Help us protect the Bulusan Volcano National Park and provide more sustainable livelihood opportunities for its residents. Support this campaign by clicking the Give Now button. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Plan a trip with them to experience the beauty of Bulusan together!

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