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The Philippines has a large number of street children. Children who are unable to live at home for a number of reasons, and many of them end up living on the street. These children are some of the most vulnerable among us. They are completely dependent on themselves, don’t have access to school and on many occasions they end up in trouble with the law. Their perspective in life is unclear.Bahay Aurora is an orphanage just outside the (small) town of Baras, Rizal Philippines. The orphanage takes in homeless children, who have been abandoned, for various reasons. We care for them temporarily, and in some cases into adulthood until they are old enough to care of themselves … Mission, vision and working method

Good accommodation, nutritious food, emotional care, education and plenty of exercise are the basis for raising children at Bahay Aurora. It is Bahay Aurora’s intention to raise children with strong moral values and provide them with a solid education so that they may one day build up a future for themselves and their future families.

Food and exercise

Before coming to Bahay Aurora most children are malnourished. In many cases this leads to growth stunts, minor brain damage and developments delays. Due to this problem and the emotional damage most of the children have poor school testing results.

A healthy life style, therefore is very important. The children are getting three meals a day with vegetables, rice and meat / fish or poultry. Exercise is mandatory every day for at least thirty minute, including jogging session, trampoline jumping and other workouts. After a while most of the children are in top condition physically. It helps releases some of the stress they’ve built up. Rice is the most important food in the Philippines. It is a partner of the meals 3 x a day. Therefor Bahay Aurora is consuming a lot of (mainly imported) rice. The rice is a very big take on our yearly budget, this is why we are looking for regular donators of rice in the Philippines, after all we are looking after Philippine kids. Investments for buildings have these 30 years always been coming from our donators in Holland. It will be great to have some local donations. Since local organization like to donate in kind rice is very suitable. We have a Philippine teacher who is donating 2 bags every month , we are very grateful for this but of course the kids finish that in a few days.

Budget proposal:

The numbers: Bahay Aurora is consuming 3 bags of 50 kg per week.

1 bag cost (May 2019) P 3.200,- 3 x P 3.200 = P 9.600,- per week, x 4 = P 38.400 per month x 12 = P 460.800 per year.

P 460.800: 58 = € 7.945 or : 52 = $ 8.861 per year.

We love what we do for the unprivileged children in the Philippines. Our motto is “Let all things be done in love” 1 Corinthians 16-14, a phrase from the Bible. We are hoping to gain your support and trust. If any questions we are more than happy to answer them. All we want is to make sure all our beds in the orphanage are being used as long as there are children in need in the Philippines. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will be a direct contribution to the health and quality of care we are giving to the children. Thank you very much ! Salamat Po !