If you love Nature, you'll love Tublay!

Livelihood and humanity
Tublay, PH
12 Feb 2019
$10.45 raised of $72.2K

Tublay is a municipality in Benguet which boasts of beautiful falls, hot springs, caves, mountains, and cultural sites. Less than an hour away from Baguio City, it’s a perfect vacation place for tourists who love nature and adventure.

ILOVE Foundation aims to develop the ecotourism of this municipality to preserve its natural resources and provide a sustainable livelihood for its residents who are mostly indigenous tribes.

Though blessed with vast natural resources, the economic development in Tublay is relatively slow. Most locals only rely on agriculture for livelihood which is usually affected when typhoons come. By developing Tublay as an ecotourism spot, locals will have new livelihood opportunities as tourist guides, hiking assistants, drivers, restaurant staff, and even business owners.

The development of Tublay may also help the Benguet province in addressing the overpopulation and overdevelopment in Baguio. Through information drives and marketing, ILOVE Foundation will be marketing this on broadcast television and social media so more local and foreign tourists learn about the place and experience the beauty and splendor of this place.

To achieve these goals, ILOVE Foundation partners with a change agent in Benguet—the University of Cordillera. Through our 'Quest for Love' initiative, this loving organization proposed a plan to encourage the people of Tublay in embarking on a community-based ecotourism program that is anchored on the principles of sustainable development.

ILOVE and the University of Cordillera, in coordination with the local government of Tublay, will use the funds raised through this campaign in development projects such as building better tourist facilities with world-class quality, providing sustainable tourism training for the locals, constructing a water system for its agricultural lands, and promoting Tublay through educational and information campaigns.As part of project implementation, we will also partner with a group of mentors known as the Echo Trio, three ladies who put up the ECHO Store, ECHOsi Foundation, and Great Women.

Help us protect Tublay’s natural resources and provide a better source of livelihood for its residents. Support this campaign by clicking the Give Now button. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Plan a trip with them to experience the beauty of Tublay together!

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