Celebrate the Culture of Abelling Tribe

San Jose, PH
08 Mar 2019
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In the mountainous municipality of San Jose, Tarlac, lives a little known indigenous tribe called the Abelling. Some of their physical features are similar to our Aeta brothers, but they are bigger in stature and have less kinky hair.

Most of the Abellings are farmers, carpenters, and fishermen. Like other indigenous tribes in the Philippines, the preservation of their culture is threatened by poverty and the temptations of modern city life. Many of its younger generations choose to leave the Abelling community to work in cities.

Through our “Quest for Love” initiative, ILOVE Foundation partners with Got Heart Foundation to celebrate the Abelling culture and help the tribe preserve their practices and traditions sustainably.

Got Heart Foundation has been working with the Abellings for a long time now as part of its cultural and livelihood programs. This loving organization does not believe in dole-outs. Rather, it aims to transform marginalized communities, like the Abelling tribe, into Sustainable, Holistic, Independent, and Dignified (SHinDig) communities.

Together, we plan to support the Abelling tribe in two phases. First is the strengthening and protection of their cultural traditions, history, language, and natural resources. This would be done by building a living school and museum of Abelling culture, establishing a weaving center and pottery studio, training the tribe for organic farming, and reforestation of the forest with indigenous trees.

The second phase is focused on larger scale ecotourism projects which include the building of the Abelling restaurant and helping the Abellings provide tour packages. All of the funds raised through this campaign would be used for the infrastructure needed in implementing the first and second phases of our development plan. With these projects, we hope to inspire the Abellings and other indigenous communities to celebrate their identity and protect their national resources.

Help ILOVE Foundation and Got Heart Foundation in preserving the Abelling culture, while at the same time making the tribe’s community more sustainable. Support this campaign by clicking the Give Now button. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and encourage them to support organic farmers!

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