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Bantay Kalikasan Lights Buhatan Floating Restaurant Through Pass It Forward

Location Sorsogon , Philippines   |   views 921   |   Line Livelihood

Author: Pass It Forward on March 7, 2017 02:34 AM Help us by Sharing:      

The Buhatan River Eco-Adventure Service Cooperative is one of the most famous eco-tourism projects launched by the Department of Tourism (DoT) and Bantay Kalikasan, the environmental arm of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. (AKLFI). The project provides a sustainable source of income for the fisher folks, boatmen, and women residing in Barangay Buhatan, Sorsogon City.


The cooperative offers tourists a day of adventure in the Buhatan River, which includes a relaxing cruise, delicious local food, and firefly watching. The adventure ends with a candlelight dinner at the Buhatan Floating Restaurant, strategically located at the area where the river and sea meets.

The paradise-like scenery of the river can be enjoyed by the tourists on day time but as the night comes, the area is covered with darkness due to lack of electricity—putting the safety of the tourists and residents at risk.


Through Pass It Forward, Bantay Kalikasan, set up a campaign to raise funds for its solar panel project to bring light to the Buhatan Floating Restaurant.  Through the generous support made by Adtel Inc. and Akatek Solutions Inc. given through the Pass It Forward platform the project was fully funded. On February 13, 2017, the solar panels were successfully launched, making the Buhatan River a safer eco-tourism site.


"Before the installation of the solar panels, the floating restaurant was already operational. However, there was no electricity in the area. The community was just using candles but right now, they have lights that made the ambiance a lot prettier. They can also have a sound system in the area to attract more customers. These changes make our community very happy. If they're happy, we're happy."
- Jen Santos, Program Director of Bantay Kalikasan

The solar panels have not only lighted the restaurant, but also the lives of the residents of Buhatan. They were very thankful for what they received just in time for Valentine season. With solar-generated electricity, the Buhatan Floating Restaurant can now hold events for special occasions and not just eco-tours. As a giveback, the cooperative has pledged to continue taking care of the Buhatan River.


“We can guarantee the continuous preservation of the Buhatan River and maintain its cleanliness, not only for now but also for the future.
- Edwin Divina, Barangay Captain of Buhatan , Sorsogon City

Pass It Forward is proud to be the official fundraising platform for ALKFI in empowering communities through sustainable campaigns and promoting the importance of giving back. Pass It Forward is an online philanthropy platform where givers and receivers come together to create positive change. Once a community receives a gift through Pass It Forward, they should pass it on to another community as a giveback.


You too can make a difference through Pass it Forward to support other key ALKFI campaigns in making a positive change.

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